Have you ever stopped to think why your are in business in the first place? If it’s just to make a profit, that is a result, not WHY you’re in business. I was recently visiting family in Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving. I had the opportunity to take a long walk and listen to a couple of Ted talks. If you’re not familiar with Ted Talks, you should check them out. There are hundreds of talks on a wide diversity of topics.

As I walked the neighborhood I listened to one talk by Simon Sinek, the author of “Start with Why” and the second talk by well know motivational speaker, Tony Robbins. Robbins describes himself as the “why” guy. Both talks are well worth the 40 mins you invest in watching them.

Sinek and Robbins discuss the concept of “why we do what we do” which got me thinking about Alignment Labs and why we do what we do. Why did I start the company in the first place and why am I driven to see it succeed?

I thought if I shared those insights with you, it might spark some thinking on your part about your business. So here goes.

Why did I start Envisionable? What is the purpose or the mission?

I want to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to see their vision realized. Faster. I have a passion for small business. I see SMBs as the economic engine for the US. I also love to learn and am fascinated by the mechanics of business. I love to help an owner take what’s trapped in their brain (their vision) and help them put a plan in place and track the progress so they will be more successful. Unrealized potential bothers me. When an entrepreneur’s vision doesn’t get realized, all that could be, doesn’t happen. Jobs are not created. Needs are not served. Families are not provided for. 

I also want to build something that is greater than myself. I love the whole process of building. I get to do that with my own business, but also help other small business people build as well. I love seeing a plan come together and work. That is the vision being realized. 

In order for all this to happen, several things need to be in alignment. Your vision, your plan and your people all need to be in alignment for it to work. Then you need a way to make sure it stays in alignment. You need a way to track your progress. You need KPIs (key performance indicators) & metrics, You need a system to make sure you stay on track. That’s why we built the Envisionable app.

As you read this post, you can see several of our core values sprinkled throughout. Alignment and realizing unrealized potential to name a couple.

These are the things I believe and am passionate about. If you’re passionate about these things too, I would love to work with you.

So, how do we drive alignment and greater results? We have both consulting and software which drives the process.

Sinek says, “the goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” So do some soul searching about your business. Why does it exist? What are you passionate about? What do you believe? Shout that from the mountain tops and you’ll attract those who believe what you believe.

Lastly, if our vision resonates with you would love to work with. Sign up for a free DEMO or just contact us.