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How We Help Drive Superior* Results

*In 2020, our clients experienced a 20% increase in revenue and 150% increase in profit!


Clarity – Our unique process drives 100% clarity around a plan we help create, so everyone understands the vision, goals and direction of your small business


Alignment – We get each employee (and owner) aligned around how they fit into the plan we created together


Execution – We put a system in place to track the plan, drive accountability and ensure execution and superior results

How Our Business Operating System Works


Envisionable will help businesses to get aligned by taking a proper top down approach, helping business owners first define the mission, vision, and core values that should be in the hearts and minds of all employees in everything they do.

Envisionable software is so simple, but yet so effective in keeping everyone on track and properly aligned toward company goals.


Jeff Barba
Barba CFO

PTG started subscribing to Envisionable as a tool to help drive clarity and alignment as it relates to our strategic goals.

It is the only software we have seen that directly addresses the “alignment” and metrics of our company’s strategic objectives clearly and comprehensively. 


Bill Blezard
Packaging Technology Group

Envisionable provided our organization with invaluable help as we prepared for a recent major transition. They helped us to both understand and take ownership of our core values, then guided us as we aligned those values with our vision and strategic plan. Envisionable pushed us to develop specific KPI’s that served as key guideposts for the journey ahead. I left our sessions with a real sense of purpose and optimism for our organization. More importantly, I experienced immediate results. If your organization needs help turning your big idea into a realistic plan, I highly recommend Envisionable.


Jonathan Ried
Fostering Hope

We were a company of people working in the business with little focus on the business.

Envisionable has helped us really examine how our company functions and allowed us to more effectively look at areas of improvement that align with our company’s goals. Their patience and ability to get to the heart of matters are a huge asset. We’d highly recommend them.


Johnny Gardner
Custom Built

Evisionable has been working with Spirit’s ownership and management team for almost one year now. John has a special talent for breaking down our seemingly complex organizational and/or strategic planning problems. In doing so, he’s helped our growing company make sense of the chaos and conflict that can sometimes engulf us. John and his Envisionable software have been invaluable in helping us; crystallize our strategic planning, set and track key measurable goals, simplify, and even weaponize, our organization’s mission statement, core values, and company culture – all to the benefit of our stakeholders. He’s pushed and coached us in how to effectively leverage the above factors in order achieve real tangible improvements to our business. I don’t hesitate in saying that John’s involvement has been crucial in helping our executive management team drive our short and long term earnings outlook and hence, the value of our company over the past year. John is a super business consultant and an even better human being. I would not hesitate to recommend him or his software to my business peers and friends.


Tim Mathews
Spirit Services

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