I’ve thinking about goals lately. I require all our managers to submit quarterly goals. I use what’s called a “business alignment template” to help facilitate the process. This template makes sure that all the goals are SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely). You download the template by going here.

I recently got away with my wife for a weekend. I love going to bookstores. I love to learn and what better place to find some new ideas. I sort of had a mini epiphany. There is so much for me to learn. So much I can learn. All I need to do is be purposeful about learning. So, what I thought I would do is post some of my personal goals for everyone to see. It will help keep me accountable and move the ball forward in terms of personal growth and improvement.

So here are my monthly goals for April 2011.

Read at least 3 business books and summarize my thoughts in a blog post or two. Each book has about 250 pages so, that 750 / 30 or 25 pages a day. Not too bad. Here are the books:

  1. Data-Driven Marketing – Mark Jeffery
  2. Multipliers– Liz Wiseman
  3. The Start-up Game – William Drapper III

Read by Bible everyday. I’m reading through the Bible in a year. I’ve never done that and haven’t missed a day since January 1st.

Learn how to fly and airplane. Schedule my first lesson and see if it’s something I want to continue. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have my management team over my house and cook them dinner.

Maintain my exercise regimen. Currently I’m working out 6 days a week. I’ve never felt better. Lose another 3 lbs. Stay on healthy diet 80% of the time.

Teach myself C#. I’m reading Head First C#. This is a two month goal to be completed by May 1st 2011. I’m on chapter 5. I want to complete that chapter by the end of April.

I think that’s good for now. I’ll let you know how I did, but that fact that I detailed these goals will certainly increase my probability of success.