As 2010 comes to an end, I like to look back on the year and reflect on some lessons learned. I think this is a valuable exercise. Taking a look back on what I’ve learned allows me to improve my performance going forward.

Here are a few take-away from 2010:

  1. Make sure your team meets on a regular basis, the faster you’re company is growing, the more important meeting rhythm becomes
  2. Doing things right the first time is much better than doing it wrong, then having to do it over again
  3. Things are not as easy as they seem
  4. Measuring key metrics in your business allows you to make better decisions and have more confidence
  5. Taking more time to plan can never really hurt you
  6. If you come in everyday and give it 100%, you will win
  7. Making changes in your company takes time, the longer you’ve been doing something, the more time it may take to change and that’s OK
  8. Social media is not going away
  9. I don’t know everything and I can always learn more

Just a random list off the top of my head…