I had the opportunity to attend a family reunion this past week. My wife’s grandfather had 9 children and his wife passed away when the youngest was 5 years old. The Halvorson / Johnson clan has over 190 members. We spent breakfast, lunch and dinner together and I got a chance to speak with many small business owners. A common theme emerged. Small businesses are hurting. We spoke about the fact that there is no shortage of good ideas, but there is a shortage of capital. Just like social fabric of our country is built on families, the economic fabric of our country is made up of small business. These companies are the source of most of the jobs and revenue which fuels our economy.

This is WHY Astonish Results exists. We are passionate about helping independent insurance agencies grow. We believe in small business. We also believe in the original social network – the connection of these small businesses which each other in the context of local geography.

We’ve lost that connection and have become increasingly isolated.

That’s WHY we exist. We believe in the independent agent. We believe that small business is the ultimate economic and social engine. We believe that the independent insurance agent should be at the center. Fueling the growth of small business fuels the growth of America.