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Having A Strategy Will Reduce Your Stress

This is my simplest and shortest post! In our last post, we talked about the importance of having a cash flow strategy.  We said that at a fundamental level a business exists to: Make a profit Generate cash Achieve the mission of the business If you are stressed about...

Do You Have A Cash Flow Strategy?

We are halfway through our “30 days of Strategy”. The goal of these posts has been to help small business owners understand strategy at a basic level, so they can drive great results: More Profit Improved cash flow (more money in the bank over time) Greater...

Should You Strategically Narrow The Market You Serve?

Up to this point, we’ve been discussing that pursuing a cost leadership strategy is difficult to maintain and a race to the bottom. We said that a potentially more profitable strategy is to differentiate your company from your competition.  We showed how you can use a...


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