Over the past 23 days, we’ve been discussing strategy. 

In our last post, we shared how you can use a strategic principle to communicate your strategy. 

This concept was introduced by Gadiesh and Gilbert

We said a strategic principle was a “memorable and actionable phrase that distills a company’s corporate strategy into its unique essence”. 

The authors give several steps to developing your company’s strategic principle:

  1. Draft a working strategic principles force trade-offs between competing resources
  2. Test if it endures – is it timeless?
  3. Test its communicative power – is it clear, concise, and memorable?
  4. Tests its ability to promote and guide action
    1. Does it force trade-offs?
    2. Is the business move wise?
    3. Does it set boundaries for employees’ experimentation?
  5. Communicate it – constantly, simply, and repeatedly
  6. Strategic principles set clear boundaries for employees so they can operate and experiment.

Start developing some strategic principles and test them with your team. 

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