Over the past 22 days, we’ve been discussing strategy. 

In our last post, we shared how just improving your operational effectiveness can be a viable strategy. 

Once those strategic decisions have been made, how do you get everyone moving in the same direction?

Gadiesh and Gilbert introduced the idea of a strategy principle – which is a memorable and actionable phrase that distills a company’s corporate strategy into its unique essence. 

The authors give three hallmarks of strategic principles:

  1. Strategic principles force trade-offs between competing resources
  2. Strategic principles test the soundness of the decision by linking the strategic decision to boots on the ground action
  3. Strategic principles set clear boundaries for employees so they can operate and experiment.

An example strategic principle is Southwest’s, “meet customers short-haul travel needs at fares competitive with automobile travel”

Give some thought to your company’s strategic principles as a way to communicate your strategy. 

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