I’ve been working with small businesses over the last five years, helping them to drive great results (>20% increases in revenue and 100%+ increases in net profit), be less stressed and feel more in control of their businesses. This all naturally leads to the ability to release themselves from the business and gives them more free time.

Being a former scientist, I like the concept of a “hypothesis” and my hypothesis is that if a small business applies Envisionable’s business operating system, it works. It takes time, but it works. Just like any business, I continue to improve the system for the benefit of our customers.

Part of the business operating system involves a monthly check-in where Envisionable reviews the client’s company goals and initiatives that we helped the client determine during an initial strategy session. You can read about that strategic planning process here ( which I continue to update and improve).

Just last week, we held the first monthly meeting with a brand new client….and again, my hypothesis was confirmed.

We All Have Bad Memories

We all have bad memories and our bad memories are not helping us.

As a small business owners, you may tend to focus on what’s directly in front of you. In many ways this is good. It allows you to execute, to sell. To get things done.

Unfortunately, it can also hurt you. If you never pop your head up and see if you’re going in the right direction, all that effort could hurt you.

Back to my meeting with our new client.

We use the same agenda which has proven to drive results. The main agenda item involves a review of the company goals.

Now this is the thing which always surprises me. As we were reviewing the company goals (that we spent 1-2 days determining), the client forgot them! They even forgot why we had certain goals.

As small business owners, we can get so focused on TODAY that we forget our goals and end up massively off track.

BTW, this is very common. I’ve seen this over and over again as I on-board and get into holding monthly meetings with the executive team.

You Must Meet Monthly To Review Your Goals

Seems pretty obvious, but many small business owners just don’t make the review their goals a priority (some don’t even have goals).

I’ve written extensively on this subject and how important meetings are, which you can read here.

I would even argue that monthly review of goals is not enough.

Recently, I stumbled across BestSelf.co which offers an amazing journal that allows you to map out your daily calendar and has a “My Goal” section. The journal has daily pages for 3 months. In the “My Goals” section, I write down what my top 3 goals are for the next three months. It’s my quarterly goals.

Viewing your goals daily has been scientifically proven to drive results by keeping you engaged and focused on the right things (that assumes of course that you have the right goals). It literally increases your likelihood of success.

So, I hope I’ve been able to convince you not to trust your memory and put a system in place (a monthly meeting) that forces you to review your goals. You will be more successful as a result.