Over the past 24 days, we’ve been discussing strategy. 

In our last post, we shared how you can use a strategic principle to communicate your strategy. 

It turns out the regular communication of your strategy is a key component to the strategy actually getting executed. 

In fact, many of our clients hire us to help them review their strategy on a monthly basis with their management teams.

Besides communicating your strategy you need a periodic (we suggest monthly) check-in to review whether the strategy is working. If it is not, you can then change course. 

What do those monthly strategic check-ins look like?

Here’s a simple agenda you can follow:

  • Core Values Review (examples of how the core values were exhibited or not) – 10 mins
  • Company Strategic Goal & KPIs Review (only talk about those goals in the “red”, are we making progress?) – 10 mins
  • Initiative Review (only talk about those in the “red” are we making progress?) – 15 mins
  • “Fire” discussion (focus on one item and brainstorm how to solve) – 45 mins
  • Follow up on last month’s to-dos – 5 mins
  • Recap – 5 mins
    • To-dos
    • Determine a fire for next time
    • Rate meeting (1-10)

Need more details about the meeting? Check out this blog post on the subject

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