At Astonish Results, we’ve been having a tough time hiring the people we need for our business. We need talented software engineers to develop and maintain our products. We need people that understand programming, but can also think critically. We need folks that understand our business.

We’ve been posting jobs and searching the normal channels to find the employees we need. It’s been incredibly difficult to find these people and the people we do find, tend to either have too little experience or want a boat load of money (even when they can’t even program in the language that we want them to – C#, .net etc).

This is what is happening in the employment economy these days. If you’re a talented employee, most likely you already have a job. As they say, “the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t”.

–Warning Highly Opinionated Section –

Unlike popular opinion, not everybody DESERVES a job. If you don’t have the skills, experience, drive, attitude, work ethic etc. – imo you don’t deserve a job. It’s seems like people are beginning to see jobs as a right not a privilege. By the way, I think that this has nothing to do with the fact that we’re having a tough time finding engineers. It’s just a general statement.

I see the supply and demand curve weighted heavily to the demand side in the coming years. You might say, “what about the high unemployment rate”. Well, see my comments in the previous paragraph. Companies have figured out how to operate without the lower achievers and they certainly aren’t going to hire them back. Would you?

What happens to all the folks that just don’t have the skills they need to be competitive? They are going to have to do something different. They’ll need to change. Get more disciplined. Read. Study.

Last Saturday I went out to breakfast with the family. I tried help my 9 year old son (who is constantly on the computer playing video games, or on his DSi or on the Wii or on the Xbox) that he should begin to look into understanding computer programming. He could be one of the ones programming the cool games he loves playing so much. In 9 years he’ll be going to college! Might as well begin to understand the underlying technology that supports all the things we interact with on a daily basis.

Anyway – if you’re a solid software engineer and want to work for a great company – check out the job posting here.