In a recent HBR blog post the author introduced the concept of “2 in 1” leadership.

” Brilliant leaders who have one foot in tomorrow and the other firmly on top of today’s issues. “

This got me thinking both about my business as well as the companies we work with.

It can be really easy to get bogged down in the day to day operation of your business, especially in the current economic environment. Many businesses are just trying to “survive”.

I would submit that all businesses must have “2 in 1” leadership. What does the future look like for your company? I’m not suggesting you become a fortune teller, but that you begin the regular discipline of looking at the future and performing focused thinking about what your strategy should be in light of these thoughts.

The reason this has really hit home to me lately is based on some consulting I’ve done lately. As you know, Facebook is nothing new. In fact over 44% of all Americans use Facebook. Given those facts, wouldn’t be logical that every business would have at least a Facebook page? We’ll this is not the case. So what is happening here? Small business leaders are not looking to the future, but are stuck in the day to day.

Who knows what the next disruptive technology will be, but if you’re not looking to the future, you will miss it and as a result, miss out on business growth opportunities.

Need help architecting your the future of your business? Need help getting the vision that’s trapped in your brain into a plan that can be executed on? We can help.