A recent HBR blog caught my eye. The author conveyed the fact that many organizations have low hanging fruit that can be harvested fairly easily, only if someone was looking.

Here’s a quote from the blog that really spoke to me:

“Think of all the business processes you interact with as a consumer, citizen, and worker. What percent of them amaze you with their efficiency? What percent amaze you with their inefficiency? See what I mean when I say that there’s a lot of low-hanging fruit left? “

As I consult with our customer base, what I find is that many companies don’t even detail their processes in the first place!

The first step of bringing efficiency is documentation. This is a painful, detail-oriented step that many business owners don’t perform because it’s just “too hard”.

My challenge to you is to begin. Just start. Map out what happens when a customer or prospect calls your business. What do you say? Is it scripted? Do you record those calls to look for areas of improvement? Start with one area at a time. Ask your staff what areas of the business have your staff in constant fire-fighting mode. 

You are missing out on some serious “low hanging fruit” if you are not looking at these operational areas of your business.

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