At Envisionable we look for several vital core values in our employees:

  • Teachability
  • Positive attitude
  • Alignment
  • Realizing OUR full potential
  • Long-term over the short-term

The older I get the more I realize that the ability to communicate your point of view and cooperate with others is probably THE most important characteristic of a solid employee.

Couple that with teachability – the ability to learn and absorb knowledge and positive attitude – and you’ve got yourself an amazing employee.

Now if they are POSITIVE, meaning they don’t react negatively to situations, but see problems as an opportunity to learn and grow, you’ve really got something special.

Notice I didn’t put job knowledge into that mix. This is something that is taken for granted. If they’re teachable, they will, by default, absorb knowledge wherever they’ve worked previously. If the person you hire doesn’t have the knowledge but shares your core values you still have a winner.

We try to hire for the company not just for the job. Chances are this new hire may migrate to another position.

If you’re able to assemble a team of folks that have these qualities, the job of directing them becomes all the easier.