I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials for 5 Hour Energy. It’s a concoction of “who know’s what” that is supposed to give you the energy you need to function for 5 hours.

This reminds me of the concept of “time tellers” vs. “clock builders”. I’ve taken these terms from Jim Collin’s book, “Built to Last”.

If you’re the type of leader that is not engaged in the daily details of your business, but constantly live at the 50K foot level trying to pump up your staff, you’re a “time teller”. You’re a “five hour energy drink”. He’re the problem, people can’t live on five hour energy drinks. They need to see the connection between the vision you’re casting and boots on the ground implementation.

Collins contrasts of the “time teller” and “clock builder” leader reveals that what is needed for true long term growth.

I say all this to remind you that running a business is hard work (I’m sure you know this). It takes focus and diving into the dirty details. It’s not fun all the time and can be challenging. It takes discipline of time and focus.

If you’re frustrated that your staff is not implementing your vision, ask the following questions:

(1) Are you a 5 hour energy drink or a satisfying balanced diet?

(2) Do you connect the dots of your vision with the details of implementation?

(3) How much time do you spend with your key staff helping them grow and improve?

(4) Are you concerned with building a long term business (clock builder) or just swooping in from time to time (time teller) and slapping backs?