It been a little while since my last post, but I’m back. I’m continuing to read Verne Harnish’s book, Mastering the Rockefeller habits. Check out my post on the Astonish Results blog for some more insights from his book.

One quote from his book really struck me. It focused on the concept of making sure you have the right people on your team. Sports teams know how important this is. They have a whole staff dedicated to recruiting the RIGHT team members. Once on the team, the coaching staff ruthlessly MEASURES each team member. If the player doesn’t produce or measure up they’re gone.

Here’s the quote from Harnish’s book, “The first question you must ask is, “Do I have the Right People?” And a quick way to discern the answer is to ask yourself if you would enthusiastically rehire each person on your team if given the opportunity”

Wow. That is powerful. Sports teams are wired to think this way because there is always a NEW season. A time to re-tool and re-build, but if you want to be the best, you must think this way too.