I’ve been away for awhile, but I’m back at my aggressive reading schedule. Currently, I’m reading a great book by James Murphy called “Flawless Execution”. Murphy outlines the ways in which fighter pilots ensure a “perfect” mission.

The story really caught my attention where Murphy described the planning process for Desert Storm. All the parties responsible for executing the mission met together in a war room and planned the mission in literally 48 hours!

Now think about your business. Think about how hard it is to get your people to do what you want them to. Many of our customers can’t even get their employees to ask for an email address! If we can plan Desert Storm, an operation which involved 1000s of people, why can’t we map out the processes that will help us make more money and serve our customers with a great degree of passion and purpose?

Again it boils down to leadership and follow-through. If you’re having a difficult time executing on your company’s mission, you might want to pick up this book.