Success in life is all about momentum. I can look back at certain times of my life when things were really clicking and moving forward. I was exercising, reading regularly, investing time in relationships and growing spiritually. Then, all of a sudden I stop going to the gym or stop reading and spend that time watching T.V. I hit a speed bump that slows me down.

What happened? What caused me to stop? Remember the concept of momentum from science class? It’s much easier to keep things going than to start from zero. In my experience something happens to break the flow. Negative feelings emerge. I don’t feel like doing the things I KNOW I should do. Your feelings can either be speed bumps OR accelerators it’s your choice.

The challenge is to do it anyway. Do those things that will help you be successful NO MATTER how you feel. You MUST recognize what effect feelings have on your success and use them to motivate you to stay consistent. Be aware of those events that cause you to lose momentum.

Now keep the momentum going!