Here’s a simple question. When it comes to your customers, do you begin with the end in mind? Can you picture what a successful transition from prospect to sold customer looks like. What about from sold customer to repeat customer? What about from repeat customer to a customer that gives you referrals? Do you know what you would say to your customers in each one of these instances?

For each one of those transitions, what would a successful conclusion look like?

Once you know the answer to these questions, the next step is to map out a simple process to achieve success. Note, I said “simple”.

If these processes are not well thought-out, how do you expect your people to implement them?

I would submit many organizations don’t think this way. As a result, they have issues finding, selling AND keeping customers. To be effective you need break complicated systems (your business) down into manageable segments and map out a clearly defined process for each. That’s where the fun begins! Good Luck.