Why does Envisionable exist? What our “why”?

Our mission is to help small business owners realize their vision faster.

If you’re 100% satisfied with the progress your business is making this post is not for you. If your team is flawlessly executing on your vision, this post is not for you.

However, of you’re frustrated with your lack of progress and in your gut you know you could be doing better, read on.

So how do you MAKE SURE you are getting closer to realizing your vision each week? Here’s how. It involves the business alignment platform we’ve developed called Envisionable.

1. Communicate your vision to make sure your entire team understands where you are taking the business

Vision.pngOur product, Envisionable, allows you to enter your Core Values, Core Purpose or Mission and your BHAG into an easy you use web application which is accessible to ALL your employees.

Usually these components of your vision are inside a binder somewhere or on a plaque on the wall.

Since this information is in a web application, employees can ask questions and you can communicate changes to strategy quickly.

The result? Faster execution and more clarity around where you are leading you business.

Faster execution = faster progress.

2. Clarify what success looks like over the next 12 months

Defining and communicating your vision is not all thatGoals.png is needed. You need to break down that vision into the top 3-5 things (goals) that are critical for success over the next 12 months.

We developed Envisionable to help you track those goals, assign accountability and attach a KPI, making each goal measurable so there is no ambiguity.

Did you reach your goal or not?

You can even assign a red, yellow and green threshold for each KPI so you know at a glance if you’re on track.

3. Ensure everyone on your team is aligned and contributing toward successful goal completion

initiatives_2.jpgOnce you’re clarified your vision and defined your top 3-5 company goals, you must ask each employee to develop individual initiatives.

What specifically will THEY do to ensure the company is making progress on the top 3-5 goals?

Not everyone can contribute to every company goal, so ask them to pick one or two that most closely aligns with their functional area. Where do they feel they can contribute the most?

Check in with each employee weekly on their progress on each initiative.

Envisionable allows you to create the initiatives, align them with company goals and set a red, yellow or green status on each. You can then use the technology to track 1 on 1’s.

 4. Establish some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and review them monthly

According to well know management consultant, engineer and author of the “Deming Cycle”, W. Edwards Deming, The most important figures that one needs for management are unknown or unknowable, but KPIs.pngsuccessful management must nevertheless take account of them.” 

Tracking KPIs for many business owners is like getting a root canal.

For that reason, we created a really simple KPI dashboard to allow small businesses to easily enter and track their most important KPIs and review them with their team.

This is not rocket science, but it is critical if you want to ensure you are making progress.