The Small Business Operating System With Goal & KPI Tracking

Track Small Business KPIs All In One Place

Envisionable allows you to easily create and track the KPIs for your business.

Move away from multiple Excel spreadsheets and connect KPIs to your strategy

No need for an IT department to manage.

We've built the simple KPI summary to allow you to quickly identify which metrics are off track.
In order to make your vision measurable, you need KPIs (key performance indicators).

The simple KPI summary can be customized for each user.

-Track by user, department and indicator
-Get notified when a KPI is in the "red" by setting thresholds.
-Create "calculated" KPIs
-Track discussions and record the root causes of why a KPI is off track.

All in one easy to use interface.

Painless Employee Performance Management

Once your company vision is clear and goals are defined, Envisionable allows you to further increase employee engagement and results by linking weekly, quarterly or monthly initiatives to those goals.
Your company's vision must be further detailed by breaking the goals down into initiatives (what will happen by when and who is responsible?).

For example, if one of your top company goals is to "increase sales by 10% Y/Y", then what needs to happen in Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4? Who is responsible? It's your team who really make your company goals happen.

Envisionable allows your employees to clearly link what they do on a day to day basis to the company goals.

This process ensures that the team is executing and staying on track.
The Envisionable platform helps drive individual performance during 1 on 1 meetings.
There is a recent trend towards more frequent one-on-one meetings with employees. Envisionable allows you to keep track of each of these interactions. The software becomes a place to store these weekly conversations, making the performance management process easier and more transparent.

If you're haven't begun meeting weekly with your direct reports and need some guidance on how to make this happen in your company, check out our blog on the subject. We've also created a free download which details the meeting agenda.
Envisionable allows you to create your own dashboard highlighting the company and individual KPIs each user is most interested in.
Ensure everyone in your company understands which KPIs are the most important by linking them to company goals.

What if I'm not sure what KPIs to track in my business?
We're happy to help. Our success consultants can walk you through the process of identifying the top 5-10 KPIs for your business. This is included in your onboarding.
I am already tracking KPIs via a spreadsheet. How is this different?
Spreadsheets are great and really flexible, but difficult to update and can be a real risk to your business.
  • Spreadsheets can also have hidden errors. Users can easily type over formulas.
  • Spreadsheets are not scalable
  • You could lose all your data
There is no connection between KPIs and spreadsheets and the goals of the business. Envisionable automatically creates that connection.
I have a good amount of data already in Excel. Do I have to manually enter all that data into Envisionable to get started?
No. Just send us your data and we'll upload it for you and do a KPI review.
What if I have data in another system like Quickbooks, Xero, Hubspot, Salesforce etc?
Great news! We're currenly working on integrations with those systems. If you have another system not mentioned we can work with you to integrate that too (if there is an API).

Define & Track Manufacturing Company Goals

Once the company vision is defined, the vision must be made concrete and measurable by breaking that vision down into SMART company goals.
Envisionable allows you to:

  • Define a specific company goal
  • Assign accountability
  • Make the goal measurable by linking each goal to a KPI
  • Attach a Due Date to each company goal
  • Determine which goal is off track via easy to understand red, yellow, green indicators.
  • Rank each goal so your team understands what's MOST important
Envisionable allows you to drive clarity around each goal.
Are you frustrated because everyone is not on the same page driving toward the same goals?

When the goals and vision of your small business are not clearly defined, your employees will begin guessing and putting their efforts towards the top priorities in their minds which may or may not drive the company closer to your vision. The result, poor productivity, low employee satisfaction and poor employee engagement.

With Envisionable, team members can collaborate, get clarification and ask questions about your company goals - driving results.

Team members can dig deeper and get details on the numbers behind each goal, driving clarity and allowing the team to adjust.

Drive Clarity Around Company Vision

Envisionable allows your employees to interact with your vision, ask questions and get 100% clear on where the business is headed & why.
Your vision is the most critical element of your business. It defines where you are leading the business, how your team will treat each other and your customers (core values), why you're doing what you're doing (mission or core purpose) and where you are leading the business long-term (BHAG or "big hairy audacious goal").

Envisionable allows you to capture all this information in one easy to use interface.

Once you've defined your vision, what usually happens with that information? With many companies, it sits in a binder somewhere or on a plaque on the wall. With Envisionable, your employees can interact with your vision and get clarity so they can execute on your vision.
With Envisionable, your vision is captured and easily communicated to each new employee.
A recent study stated that the average employee now only stays with a company for less than 5 years.

The Envisionable platform makes it easy to communicate changes in strategy and direction.

Employees are able to ask questions and view previous responses. Each comment made on the platform is emailed out to the entire team so everyone is on the same page.

You can get new employees up to speed faster so they can start contributing right away and they are 100% clear about where the business is headed.

Greater Clarity = Greater Engagement = Increased Employee Happiness = Greater Results

What if my vision is not clearly defined?
We're happy to help. Our success consultants can walk you through the process of defining your core values and mission.

Download the Vision Clarification Guide
Is this really necessary? Do employees really care about core values?
It sure is. Employees want to understand where the company is headed and why it's headed there. This has been shown to drive employee engagement and retention.

Get Up And Running Fast & Receive Ongoing Training

Our team of success consultants will work with you to through each stages of implementation of the Envisionable platform.
  • Bring greater clarity to your vision (core values, core pupose, BHAG and strategic anchors)
  • Import your existing data
  • Determine company goals, define accountability, determine KPIs
  • Establish a meeting rhythm
  • Monthly check-ins to make sure you stay on track
Need help with strategic planning, defining KPIs and helping to set company goals? Our team of success consultants can help.